A Step By Step Guide on How to Rid Your Yard of Ants

Researchers believe there are over twelve-thousand ant species today. However, it is only a handful of these creepers that pose a threat to your privacy, with the eight biggest culprits being:  Acrobat ants Argentine ants Asian needle ants Carpenter ants Crazy ants Dark rover ants European fire ants Field ants These creepers live in colonies, some large enough […]

How to Use a String Trimmer to Groom a Lawn

A string trimmer goes by many names. Most people, for instance, call it the weed-eater, weed-whacker, weed-whip, strimmer, edge trimmer, or whipper snipper. All these names, however, refer to the same thing. Machine Evolution The weed-eater has existed long before our time. It is the brainchild of George C. Ballas, a Houston native who invented the device […]