Does your garden have too many overgrown bushes? Do you want to trim them right away? Alright! Just read our best petrol brush cutter reviews and your problem will be solved.

In this article, we have collected 3 best petrol brush cutters as well as showed you how to buy a suitable product. Hope that this article will be of great help for your decision-making process.

Now, let’s get started!

Best Petrol Brush Cutter Reviews in 2020

#1. BU-KO 52cc Long Reach Petrol – Best For Multi-Function

In case you are looking for a single machine that can do all the jobs in your garden, you should refer to this 52cc Long Reach Petrol by the brand BU-KO. As this device services multi-purposes, surely it will impress you.

The first thing we have to talk about this product is its recoil pull system, which is outstanding in every way. Looking closer, it has a mono vertical cylinder and especially an air-cooling operation.

Thanks to this feature, you can do your work for a long time without worrying that the machine may overheat.

For anyone whose gardens are many times the standard ones, or just simply take delight in living green and thus having trees in almost every corner, this is going to be a real helper.

A Contrast from what many people believe, cutting brushes is not to be taken lightly and can take you days for the finish. 

On this grounds, suffice it to say a mighty brush cutter is absolutely worth investing in. And look, are we not talking about one right now?

Power aside, let’s dwell a little bit deeper into the matter of how come it is so versatile. The reason is, this brush cutter comes along with 5 different parts.

Assembling these parts together, you can build this machine to a long-reach chainsaw, a pruning saw, a brush cutter, or a hedge trimmer in a short time.

However, if you require an electric start, this product does not operate that way. In contrast, you will have to pull to run the device. But don’t worry too much because the pull start does not make any difficulty for you. 

  • The engine is strong
  • You can use this product for many different purposes
  • It does not have an electric start


This BU-KO product should be one of the best brush cutters for multi-functional purposes.

Just by assembling the machine parts together, you can build different types of cutters to do plenty of garden jobs.


If you require a very powerful brushcutter, then you should not miss seeing this TRUE SHOPPING product.

Having a Capacitor Discharge Ignition system (CDI), this product will generate more energy through its 2 stroke petrol engine to give you the best result of work.

Besides the CDI, this device runs so powerfully as the motor has a single-cylinder combining with an air-cooled system.

Applying the cutter in your work, you will see that it can efficiently trim long grasses and dense weeds without a problem.

Typically, a strong machine will be hard to control. But this one is not like so. This device is designed with an efficient harness and handle. Therefore, you will feel comfortable using this product.

Moreover, this item is so light (5 kg) that you can carry it around your garden with no difficulty.

On the downside, the oil may sometimes leak out of the machine’s fuel cap. That makes the cutter dirty and brings you a terrible experience while working. To fix this problem, we advise you not to fill the fuel tank so fully.

  • The machine is really light
  • It is easy to use
  • The oil usually leaks out of the device’s fuel cap


To be honest, it is so hard to find another brush cutter that is stronger than this TRUE SHOPPING product. If you require a powerful machine, you should consider buying this one.

#3. Dealourus 2020 52cc 5 in 1 Long Reach Petrol – Best For Durability

The last product on our list is the Dealourus 2020 52cc 5 in 1 Long Reach Petrol. If you want a product that can last long, then you will have no complaint while seeing this brush cutter.

As you can see, this product is one of the newest Dealourus items. Therefore, all the parts of the machine are made from the highest quality materials.

As a sequence, it can make sure for you about the durability. Plus, the machine has an air cooling system. Thanks to this feature, it can avoid overheating while working too much. As a sequence, you can do your job for a long time without needing regular breaks.

On the other hand, this product also supports up to 5 different purposes. That is due to the free tool kits that come along with the product.

Using these tool kits, you can assemble the machine easily in order to build up to 5 kinds of cutters. Those are strimmer, hedge trimmer, pruning chainsaw, brush cutter, and extension pole.

However, it may take you much time to get used to this product. The instructions of this machine are not so good as the features.

Although the manual is already translated in English, most of the works displayed here are quite difficult to understand and may make the user confused. Believe it or not, it can take you an entire afternoon just to figure out what the instructions are referring to.

  • It supports many different purposes
  • The machine is durable
  • The instruction is not clearly written


If you like a product that has a great ability to last long, then no need to talk much, you should put this item in your buying list right away!

How to Choose the Best Petrol Brush Cutter? 

best petrol strimmer brush cutter reviews

After reading 3 best petrol brush cutter reviews, we are sure that you are looking to own one of them, right? However, a product that suits your purpose needs to satisfy the following factors. Let’s check them out!


Different from the electric brushcutter, the power of the petrol model is performed and measured in cubic centimeters. The higher the CC number is, the more powerful the brush cutter will be.

You can understand more clearly through the following 2 examples. If you need to take a small and medium-sized garden, a petrol brushcutter with 32cc power works best for you.

However, if you want to cover a more firm surface, you should choose a brush cutter having higher cc,


Weight is an important factor in choosing a brush cutter because you have to control it manually. Therefore, the lighter the brush cutter, the more convenient for your work.

However, you should also remember that the weight the manufacturer puts on the packaging is only the weight of the machine.

Types of Shafts

best petrol rotary lawn mower reviews

There are two types of shafts which serve different purposes:

Swan’s neck is suitable for lighter work. With this shaft, the cutter blade heads must be parallel to the grass when you are utilizing it at a 45-degree angle. 

Straight axis is an uncomplicated brush cutter model thanks to its high-quality gears, which moves the disk to a suitable angle.

High-speed rotation of the steel shaft can transfer energy without adding more weight to the tool. Moreover, it also gives a larger cutting range


Most good brush cutters have two handlebars and a harness because they support and create a more comfortable feel. In addition, 2 handles will give you better control when working.


Our best petrol brush cutter reviews have come to an end. In conclusion, we have listed to you the five products rated as the best on the market today.

However, in our opinion, we will go to BU-KO’s products with many useful functions, which can be used for lots of different purposes. Hopefully, with a few suggestions above, we can help you find the best brush cutter for your needs.

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