A string trimmer goes by many names. Most people, for instance, call it the weed-eater, weed-whacker, weed-whip, strimmer, edge trimmer, or whipper snipper. All these names, however, refer to the same thing.

Machine Evolution

The weed-eater has existed long before our time. It is the brainchild of George C. Ballas, a Houston native who invented the device in the early seventies after a “light-bulb” moment in the local car wash. The original prototype has, however, suffered many modifications with the present-day gadgets holding more advanced features. 

Device and Function

A string trimmer is a tool equipped with a monofilament line to help cut through grass and other vegetation. It works by rotating the line on a spindle at high velocity. Besides, the whipper snipper depends on gasoline or electric power for function. 

how to edge your lawn with a string trimmer

1. Gasoline Trimmers

Gas-powered weed-eaters might be noisy but helpful too. The devices:

  • Have no cord making them easy to use
  • Have enough power to cut through tall weeds
  • Can work on extensive yards

But it boils down to the machine you choose. Gas trimmers come in two shades; The two-cycle and four-cycle engine. The four-cycle motor, although costlier, takes on more arduous tasks. Above all, the machine is silent and releases fewer pollutants to the atmosphere.

2. Electric Trimmers

Electric powered machines, on the contrary, are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Light-weight

The electric motor, although affordable, only gives you a one hour window to complete the lawn grooming project before recharge. So, which model do you choose?

Decision Making

Cost is not the only factor you must consider when buying a string trimmer. You must also give thought to durability and safety. Besides, you must learn how to edge a lawn with a string trimmer with either of the top-rated models below. 

  • Black Decker LST136W
  • DeWalt 20V Max Lithium-Ion XR String Trimmer
  • Husqvarna 17-Inch Straight Shaft String Trimmer
  • Ryobi 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer
  • Greenworks 80V 16-Inch String Trimmer

It’s Down To Business

How do you edge a lawn like a pro using a string trimmer? It is simple. You must:

1. Mow First

Mowing through the tall grass gives you a clear view of what lies beneath. It also trims the grass to the right size. But some spots are beyond reach.

Points under trees, fences, walls, and shrubs are only “groom able” with the help of a weed-whacker.

2. Edge Often 

how to edge grass with string trimmer

Edging is not a onetime affair. In the real sense, it is something you must do often to prevent the grass from overgrowing. Regular edging also saves you time.

3. Clear the Grass When Conditions Are Right

A string trimmer works best on dry surfaces. You must, therefore, avoid edging when the grass is damp, and here is why. Wet grass reduces the machine’s performance.

It also exposes you to serious health risks caused by accidental falls. 

4. Brace for Impact

You need to invest in safety glasses and dust masks first before edging. Safety glasses protect your eyes from rock debris while dust masks shield you from inhaling the dust.

You can also throw in an earplug when using a noisy motor. 

5. Zoning

You need to define your working area from the get-go, and a rope comes in handy in this stage. The string helps you demarcate the path you need to follow for you to make a neat outline. Zoning, however, is not essential when edging along a wall. 

6. Cover Your Bases 

Turning the trimmer on is not enough. You must also hold the tool firmly for you to get that neat cut. In brief, a string trimmer is a gadget best held with two hands.

One hand should press on the trigger while the other should hold the handle. 

7. Lawn in The Right Direction

how to edge grass with string trimmer

Edging a lawn is not an uphill task when you use your device right. A motor with a clockwise moving string, for example, is easy to maneuver starting from the left-hand side as you move to the right. The same technique applies to an anti-clockwise moving spindle.

8. Maintain the Level

You must move the trimmer back and forth for you to get a clean cut. Besides, you need to rim the edges often to make other edging campaigns easy.

Above all, align the device well until you achieve the perfect height for the grass. 

9. Clean Up the Debris

You need a clean working area for you to achieve the desired results. Regular cleaning is, thus, vital to your success.

It exposes the ground and allows you to spot any flaws fast. You can then correct them on the go.

10. Ring the Tree Stump

Trimming is never enough. You must also create beautiful patterns with the device, and tree stumps offer an excellent starting point.

You, by making rings around tree bases, give the landscape a distinct look. 


Edging a lawn is easy. You only need to invest in the right tools. Also, you must learn how to mow through the landscape. But perfection is not easy to achieve. It takes a lot of practice, meaning you must devote to the cause. 

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